ManaUser's Mods


NifLight 1.1
This is a tool for editing the lighting properties of .NIF files for Morrowind, and specifically, making them glow. This is somewhat obsolete thanks to NIBLE and NifSkope, but may be useful for cases where you want to change a large number of files at once.

Modders may also find Morrowind Script Intenter useful.
(I hear it works with Oblivion scripts too.)


Chalk 3.1
Requires: Either Expansion, 7Zip

Simply put this mod adds sticks of chalk that you can write on things with. Choose from pre-set text and symbols or write your own message. New in this version is the ability to write on walls.

Popular Graphic Herbalism
Requires: Both Expansions, 7Zip

As in most herbalism mods, you pick plants just by activating them instead of opening them like a container. But in this mod only the part you pick disappears instead of the whole plant. Includes a purist version and a modular esp with slightly more daring changes. See readme for details.

There's also a Morrowind Crafting patch.

Morrowind Toolkit 2.0
Requires: Either Expansion

This is a collection of scripts and spells which I find handy for testing mods. They can also be used as cheats or for working around any bugs that crop up while playing.

Mannequins for Sale 1.31
Requires: Bloodmoon
Portable mannequins which can be equipped with weapons and armor, and posed in about ten positions. I know there are other mannequin mods, but I wasn't happy with any that I tried. If you feel the same way, give mine a try. Visit the shop in Caldera to get started. Now with wigs!

Wanderers of Solstheim 1.1
Requires: Bloodmoon
This mod adds random friendly NPCs to the wilderness of Solstheim. Somewhat like Morrowind Comes alive only for Solstheim. It should make wandering around out there a bit more interesting.

New Icons 2.1
Requires: None
The orginal spell icons are cool looking, but I like icons I can look at and know what they mean. With that in mind, I createed a new set of icons that should be easily recognizable, if not the first time you see them, at least the second time you see them.

Privateer's Hold
Requires: Bloodmoon, 7Zip
An Alternate Begining mod where you start in a re-creation of the dungeon where Daggerfall begins. Even if you never played DF, it's still a nice large (by Morrowind standards) dungeon to play through. Jman0WarS modeled all the dungeon pieces and put them together in the editor (very well, I might add), and I did the scripting and most of the item placement.

Map Deluxe
Requires: None
Adds a very detailed map for Vvardenfell to the game, either with a quest or as an item you can just buy in the store.
If anyone wants the source art please contact me.

Mundane Weapons
Requires: Either Expansion / None
A pack of two loosely related mods. One makes table knives usable as weapons. Silver knives are Short Blades and wood (handled) knives are throwable. The other adds a "sturdy torch" that works as a weapon. You will need one of the expansions to use torch, but the knives work without.

Improved Gold Weight
Requires: Either Expansion
Gives gold weight. No ugly dummy items, no encumbrance corruption, fully customizable.

Mini Mods Collection
Requires: Various - See below
A big collection of small mods. Required expansions (if any) and short descriptions are listed below. See the readme for more details.
Ahnassi.esp Lets players take the Ahnassi romance a little further.
Barb Fix.esp Fixes barbarian that don't wear their armor.
Big Women.esp Makes women of some races look a little a little stronger.
Dark Sisters.esp Trib Like Mixed Guards, but for Dark Brotherhood assassins.
DB Armor Reducer.esp Trib Removes DB armor from low level assassins.
Demon Weapons.esp Changes how Demon, Devil amd Fiend weapons work.
Detect Gold.esp Makes the Detect Key spell effect detect gold too.
Disease.esp Adds some new diseases.
Grave Goods.esp Makes urns in tombs more interesting.
Healing.esp Healers now live up to their name.
Hide The Skooma.esp Less annoying handling of drugs while shopping.
Hot Floor.esp Either Hot floors in Dwemer tuins can burn you.
Index Mod.esp BM Makes propylon indices easier to find.
It's me, you idiot.esp Gets rid of the "Who's there?" greeting.
Khajiit Eyes.esp Makes the Khajiits' Night Eye an always-on ability.
Mixed Guards 2.esp Both Replaces some of the generic guards with women.
Mortal Guards.esp Both Guards no longer respawn.
Pelagiad Fix.esp Fix for vanishing fort.
Propylon Mod.esp Adjusts Propylon chambers for more convenient long trips.
Re-Ouch.esp Either Tweaks the damage from mainquest artifacts.
Riekling Knock Off.esp BM Lets you knock riekling raiders off their boars.
Show Ammo Dmg.esp Both Arrows and bolts show their damage rating.
Show Ammo Dmg - NoExp.esp Ditto.
Silver Weapon Crate Fix.esp Replace that odd crate of silver weapons.
Sleep.esp More effective Sleep spell.
Sol-Weather Tweak.esp BM Makes southern Solstheim get snow now and then.
Stolen Goods Fix.esp Both Let's you reclaim "evidence" once out of jail.
Stolen Goods Fix - No Exp.esp Ditto.
Suran Ferry.esp Either A ferry service for the river west of Suran.
Tome of Spellmaking.esp Either Buy spellmaking with magicka instead of gold.
Turn Undead.esp Both Makes Turn Undead somewhat usable, finally.

= New = Updated = Tweaked = Recomended

Nude Mods
These mods either contain or relate to nudity. I've moved them to a separate page so as not to offend the delicate sensibilities of Bethesda's Lawyers. Speaking of which, Bethesda Softworks does not endorse any of the content on Nude Mods page, or this page for that matter.

Or you can browse the complete file list.
Most files should be listed here, but who knows, you might find something interesting.

You can contact me at: paul AT manauser DOT info.